Prague Summer School
"The program was very busy but at the same time very interesting. I wish I could take part in this kind of summer school again in the future."
- student from Beijing

The world of international business will always need skilled local leaders. These individuals will need to think above the national level, and be able to handle the most complicated and challenging tasks. Top-tier law firms and businesses provide the most talented and skilled individuals with the attractive opportunity to enjoy the extraordinary working conditions with their firms. To make it through it is necessary to get to understand the nature of complicated business transactions.

This is where Prague Summer School draws its strength. No matter whether you are a student of the law or the business, both the BUSINESS and LEGAL programs are designed for you and contain mixed subjects on law and business.

Prague Summer Program targets graduates from elite schools from China, United States, Europe, and many others. The graduates will obtain all necessary information on their future career in the international business. What is more, the lectures were not designed and will not be taught by academics, but partners, senior executives or renowned experts from top-tier companies. Students will not only learn, but will also have an opportunity to put the acquired skills into practice.

If information is currently of the most significant value, the experience serves as the key which helps a person to find this treasure. In the course of the program, the students will enjoy three intensive weeks of challenging work, during which they will be able to visit key legal, business and administrative institutions. The lectures will be followed by a one to five-week long internship period during which they will be asked to put what they have learned into practice.

In the end, that is what the Prague Summer School is all about, and what makes it so different – learning from the best, and applying the knowledge in a practical, business-oriented environment.

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