Prague Summer School


Although we try really hard to provide as much information as possible on our website, there will always be many unanswered questions. This page serves to provide the answers to the most frequently asked ones – should you decide to apply for the program, you might ask your question directly within the web-based administration system.

How intensive will the program be?

The classes are scheduled to start approximately at 8:30 AM and last until 6:30PM. There will be a pause for a short lunch and coffee breaks. However, you will be very busy during the weeks. The program is to be very intensive, as the work in the international area always is. You may find the preliminary schedule on our website

What level of English proficiency is required to attend the program?

We do not require any proficiency level per se, however, a good command of the English language is essential to gain as much from the lectures, as possible. Students who do not speak English very well will still benefit from the program, but naturally not as much as those do. The lecturers will be speaking in a convenient way for Chinese people to understand, since English is not their mother tongue, and we will try to assist as much as possible. Nevertheless, lecturers will naturally not be explaining every single English or legal term.

Do I have any chance on receiving a scholarship?

Absolutely! Scholarships are not based on the CV or other formal requirements, but will be distributed among students based on their performance during the classes in Prague. They will be carefully observed and those who will be the most talented and active during program will be ultimately rewarded.

Are there final exams for the courses?

If you should require a credit transcript for your university, you will be obliged to submit written essays at the end of the program.

Are non-law school students able to attend the program?

Sure! We have designed a business curriculum for those who are not versed in law all that well; and even for our legal courses applies, that although a legal background is vital, it is not required.

How many courses can a student select during the summer program?

Students are advised to participate in all the courses mentioned on the website, because we consider it absolutely necessary to provide practical insights from all mentioned areas. It is based on our experience and the work of the top-tier international firms. Consequently, it will be very intensive and time demanding. Additionally, students will be provided a two-day internship with a top-tier law firm, corporation or publishing house, and will have several additional courses conducted at the Parliament, the Czech Competition Office, the Intellectual Property Office , Supreme Court etc.

Is there a difference between and Are they different events?

Indeed they are. The events are not associated in any way, and are completely separate.

How do I get the Payment Instructions / Invitation Letter for PSS?

Once you apply for the program at our website, we will evaluate your application to see whether you are eligible for the programme. If so, we will get to you with the payment instructions. Once we register the payment, we will let you know and ask the university - Charles University in Prague - to establish the Invitation Letter for you. The letter also serves as a supporting document for your visa, if needed. Please, be patient, the whole administration of the procedure takes several days.

How do I get the best internship possible?

The students are evaluated after two out of three weeks of studying. The evaluation criteria count : 1.) attendance, 2.) multiple choice test (English language) and 3.) multiple choice test (basic knowledge on content of the past lectures). After processing the results the students are ranked accordingly. The best of them will be the first ones to pick the internship of their liking. To put it simply, once you are the best, you gain the right of first choice.

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