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Our lecturers are specialists, who focus on a very limited scope of areas, and their daily activities are therefore very different from those of a general practitioner’s – they are more limited, yet with greater depth, and attention to every detail. They are partners, executives and senior official from top-tier law firms and businesses and government officials – all internationally-renowned experts.

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Bio - Andreas R. Ziegler

Prof. Andreas R. Ziegler is a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lausanne and works as a counsel with the Swiss law firm of Froriep Renggli. His main areas of interest are legal aspects of international trade and investment policy and WTO dispute settlement. He also works in the area of European and bilateral economic relations. He has experience with negotiations and meetings within the WTO, OECD, EFTA, Switzerland-EU, and UNCTAD on Trade and competition, Trade and investment and issues relating to international and European economic law. During his career, he used to work as a researcher at the University of St. Gallen and has held visiting appointments at a various universities. Mr. Ziegler is a member of the International Trade Law and the Law of Foreign Investment Committees under the International Law Association and is currently the President of it’s Swiss Branch and a Member of the Board of the European Community Studies Association of Switzerland and the National Competence Centre in Research.

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