Prague Summer School


Our lecturers are specialists, who focus on a very limited scope of areas, and their daily activities are therefore very different from those of a general practitioner’s – they are more limited, yet with greater depth, and attention to every detail. They are partners, executives and senior official from top-tier law firms and businesses and government officials – all internationally-renowned experts.

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Bio - Jan Hůlek

Jan Hůlek graduated from University of Hradec Králové with a degree in Healthcare management in 2001. As a crisis manager, he joined Kardia s.r.o. in 1999, grew the business by pioneering occupational healthcare on the Czech and Slovak markets. He carried out a management buy-out in 2004 and in 2011 joined the EUC group following the acquisition of Kardia . In EUC he shapes the strategy of the Group and heads the external affairs. Besides his entrepreneurial spirit, Jan is recognised as one of the leaders in the healthcare industry in the CEE area. An active member of the Medical Committee of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and the e-health network, he is passionate about creating and implementing new medical approaches which generate value both for patients and shareholders.

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