Prague Summer School


Our lecturers are specialists, who focus on a very limited scope of areas, and their daily activities are therefore very different from those of a general practitioner’s – they are more limited, yet with greater depth, and attention to every detail. They are partners, executives and senior official from top-tier law firms and businesses and government officials – all internationally-renowned experts.

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Bio - Radek Špicar

Radek Špicar graduated from the University of Cambridge. After Cambridge, he spent one year as a Fulbright scholar at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. After his return to the Czech Republic, he joined the government and later became a Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs. Until recently, he worked in the Czech Republic’s largest private company, Skoda Auto (Volkswagen Group), as a Head of External Affairs.

Nowadays, he serves as Vice-President of the Confederation of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic which represents all the big export companies of the country. Simultaneously, he is heading the Central European branch of the Aspen Institute US, one of the most prestigious US think-tanks.

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