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Our lecturers are specialists, who focus on a very limited scope of areas, and their daily activities are therefore very different from those of a general practitioner’s – they are more limited, yet with greater depth, and attention to every detail. They are partners, executives and senior official from top-tier law firms and businesses and government officials – all internationally-renowned experts.

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Bio - Pál Belenyesi

Pál Belényesi is an EU policy expert and qualified international negotiation professional. He has over ten years of post-qualification work experience in network industries, competition and environmental law. He worked for government agencies and independent authorities in Hungary, for the European Commission, the European Parliament and blue chip companies in Hungary, Italy and in the US. Mr. Belényesi is also an established university lecturer, a competition consultant and a regular conference speaker in Europe, Asia and America. Currently he is an adjunct professor at the John Cabot University in Rome, Italy where he teaches Business Law, EU economics and competition and Intercultural negotiation leadership. He also teaches at Károli University in Budapest, where he co-leads the new doctoral program on technology and law and economics.

Mr Belényesi works as a lobbyist in Brussels, representing industrial interests in the transport and logistics, and innovation sectors. He continues to consult clients in strategy, regulatory and EU competition. His latest research focuses on private demages in antitrust and digitial competitiveness

Mr. Belényesi holds a JD degree from the University of Debrecen, Hungary, and ILSP Certificate from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He earned his LL.M. at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy and he defended his Ph.D. in water pricing and regulation at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. He has been publishing widely both in academic periodicals and in non-academic journals.

He is fluent in Hungarian, English, Italian, French, and Spanish, and is intermediate in German, and elementary in Russian and Chinese.

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