Prague Summer School

July 12 - July 29, 2016, followed by one to five-week-long internship

Preliminary schedule

7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00
11.07. Introductory Lecture & Career Development - MeiYin Kang How to Succeed in Business - Gao Xiqing
12.07. European Union Law & Regulations - Pál Belenyesi How to Succeed in Business - Gábor Bojár
13.07. International Economic Law - Andreas R. Ziegler Dispute Resolution - Arthur Ma
14.07. Investment Arbitration - Rostislav Pekař International Contracts - Martin Ráž
15.07. Capital Markets - Petr Kuhn Competitivness in the 21st Century: The Importance of Creativity and Collaborative Networks - Radek Špicar
18.07. Field Trip : Information Technology Law & visit of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic (Brno)
19.07. Field Trip : Parliament of the Czech Republic Field Trip : Intellectual Property Law (Industrial Property Office)
20.07. Discussion : Corporate, NGOs & Philantropy - Pavla Gomba, Miroslav Uřičař E-commerce Law - Tomáš Schollaert
21.07. Negotiation - Tomáš Hülle M & A - Patrik Przyhoda
22.07. Internship Selection Test Franchising - Jiří Ctibor
25.07. Private Equity - Jakub Kořínek Foreign Investment - Kamil Blažek
26.07. Energy Law - Jakub Adam Labour Law - Denisa Zezulka
27.07. Real Estate Law - David Šimonek Competition Law - Radovan Kubáč
28.07. Compliance and Criminal Liability of the Legal Entities - Stanislav Kuba White-Collar Crimes & Anticorruption - Lenka Andrýsová
29.07. Time Management - Adela Schicker Leadership - Radka Dohnalová

About - Dispute Resolution - Arthur Ma

IES FSV UK, Opletalova 1606/26, 110 00 Praha 1-Nové Město
Room No. 206


Arthur Ma

Arthur Ma

Arthur Ma is a partner in DaHui Lawyers’ litigation and arbitration team. Over the years, by focusing on complex commercial disputes resolution, Arthur has accumulated extensive experience in commercial arbitration and litigation involving foreign interests and is especially adept at cross-border disputes and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards. He also honed his expertise in international arbitration. Prior to joining DaHui, Arthur worked with major international and PRC law firms in their Shanghai, London, Washington DC, Hong Kong and Beijing offices for more than 12 years. During this period, he represented clients in both domestic and foreign litigation and arbitration proceedings under different jurisdictions and different laws and rules, including disputes arising out of large-scale engineering and construction, joint ventures, equity transfers, private equity investments, international sales of goods, etc. He has attended nearly twenty international arbitration hearings in different cities of the world and obtained rich experience in hearing advocacy. He also has experience in compliance and FCPA investigations. Arthur is a native Mandarin speaker and is fluent in English.

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